Thursday, 5 August 2010

Dementia and the arts

Here at arthur+martha we are always looking to the next project- as the book Patience is about to be launched we want to develop and expand on one of the themes- dementia.

As part of any project development we need to do the research- I thought if maybe useful to share some of the fascinating material I have found on good practice with arts and dementia… here’s a few links:

News Report about Arts led interventions, with the example project Ladder to the moon, an interactive drama in a care home, and some of work in the USA investigating alternatives to medication. March 2009

 An article about art appreciation   …“Of particular importance in the case of people with dementia is the need for activities to be meaningful and relevant to their personalities and life experiences.”

Dementia Positive,  the work of John Killick and Kate Allan

Keeping active and occupied Dimentia Gateway

I’d like to find out more about using a video camera as part of the tools of art therapy with younger onset dementia…

Challenges facing dementia sufferers and their carers

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