Tuesday, 17 August 2010


(Philip writes)

I visited The Big Issue in the North office in Manchester last week to discuss a project and was shown this collage-in-progress, made by vendors. I'm always intrigued by unfinished things, because the possibilities are so big, so I took these pictures. Later, Angie Smyth at The Big Issue in the North sent me the following info...


The aim of the vendor art project is to bring positive public attention to vendors by illustrating that homeless people have opinions and views like you or I.

Vendors were asked what they liked about The Big Issue in the North magazine, we took their photograph and layered lots of magazine clippings around them reflecting their comments therefore demonstrating a personal connection between the person selling the magazine and the product.

Created in the sales area of the Manchester office, vendors were able to contribute two minutes in between buying magazines and some became so engrossed in the cutting and sticking that they stayed for longer.

Part of The BIG 12 events


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Gemma said...

I think it is great that you are giving people who are so often ignored and neglected by society a voice. Thus, I particularly like the postcards and poems with the individual's own words. The photographs, with the vendors words typed over are also great.

I have found working with Lois and Phil very helpful in getting to know the vendors at the Big Issue through a very disarming medium- art.