Tuesday, 3 March 2009

G and H are for…

Lois Blackburn, drawing 'Haemoglobin'
Continuing our collection of reminiscences about ‘vintage’ over the counter and traditional remedies from the project ‘Patience’ We would love to hear your reminiscences....

G and H are for..

Goose Grease
‘Horrible. We would be sat by the fire, and mum rub it on my chest (we had geese, turkeys and cows as well) make the grease ourselves.’

‘It absorbed, it helped us, of yes, very well known thing years ago. It had a fatty smell. They did the job all the old remedies.’

gregory powder
Tasted horrible for bowls. (a laxative powder containing rhubarb, magnesia and ginger. James Gregory (1753-1821) British physician. He advocated preventative medicine, stressing the importance of healthful living and moderation in all things)

Halibut Liver Oil ‘I didn’t like it, and wouldn’t take it. Tasted fishy, it was used for the bowels.’ (a yellowish to brownish fatty oil from the liver of the halibut used chiefly as a source of vitamin A)

Harrogate Iodised throat tablets
‘You had one and you wouldn’t have another, tasted horrible’

illustration Haemoglobin tin © Lois Blackburn 2009 www.loisblackburn.co.uk

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