Thursday, 15 December 2016

At the heart of the museum


Sing me to Sleep, quilt at Bury Art Museum.
Artist Lois Blackburn, talking at the opening of arthur+martha's latest exhibition

On Tuesday we had an opportunity to celebrate two projects, in the beautiful, inspiring setting of Bury Art Museum. The exhibition brings together two separate projects,   The Homeless Library and Sing me to Sleep,  two projects with much in common:  The people who made them – groups of homeless people living in Manchester and Vilinus, making artworks, poems, telling stories…

BOTH highlight the importance of self expression- as one of the deepest human needs, it defines identity, allows change and brings joy.

Artist Egle Gudonyte with Sing me to Sleep, at Bury Art Museum

One of the highlights of Sing me to Sleep, was our group trip to Vilnius in Lithuania. Our hosts Socialiniai Meno Projektai, and the National Gallery of Art, welcomed us… Showed us around the city-  Opened our eyes- Inspired us- These projects give us all a sense of pride and value in making and displaying the artwork produced. We were very lucky to have artist Egle Gudonyte the lead artist for the project in Lithuania come to opening of the exhibition in Bury and speak. 

The Homeless Library at Bury Art Museum
artist book, Riff Raff, 2016

Viewing The Homeless Library video, at Bury Art Museum.
Part of the artist/makers and audience, for the Bury Art Museum event.

Thank you to The Booth Centre and everyone else who came along and enjoyed our celebration, and the Museum for the wonderful space, right in the heart of the museum, their support and hospitality. 
The exhibition continues at Bury Art Museum until 21st January 2017.

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