Friday, 4 November 2016

Tucked up in the Library

Libraries have been important workshop venues for the project 'Stitching the Wars'. They have given Phil and I opportunities to meet and work people who might not normally get involved in art/poetry workshops, a warm, welcoming public space for us develop and produce the two quilts and collection of poems. Now Dronfield Library, is hosting the start of the Derbyshire exhibition tour, other venues will include 4+ other libraries and Buxton Museum. (details to follow)

Detail of 'A Bomber's Moon'

Detail of A Bomber's Moon

Bomber’s moon

Midnight, a bombers moon is
a full moon for seeing.
You’re tucked away, no messing about
feather bed in those days
goose feather, duck down
blanket an army coat
long bloody nights
when it was cold

(extract from Bomber's Moon, the poem stitched around the edge of the quilt)

Regular participants with Stitching the Wars

Dronfield Library, Manor House, High Street, Dronfield S18 1PY  Open Monday to Friday. The exhibition continues to January 2017

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