Sunday, 14 February 2016

Sleeping Beauty, retold

Thicket of Thorns, Jayson Hendren, Feb 2016

As part of our Sing Me to Sleep project, we invite homeless people to rewrite fairytales in various new guises. Here is Jayson's Sleeping Beauty:

Sleeping Beauty
Retold by Jayson Hendren

I can see trees that go on for miles, birds flying past as the nighttime light reflects off the feathers. I can hear twigs breaking off the trees as the night comes to life... Light glistening off the cold winter river and streams.

I see a shadow coming closer, from between the trees. It starts to form into a luscious woman, leaves all over her body and she comes close, her features, all her curves... All I can do is stare into her eyes, falling deeper into fallen silence.

Leaves silky soft, branches dry, rough, prickly. Feel the tension of the twigs snapping, some break easily. Twigs flying past as I break in, break it into pieces.

The silence is loud. People lay along a cobbled path, every footstep could wake them. They look at peace with themselves, happy. I go to the women and give them each a kiss, of life. The joy effect is contagious and spreads around the castle like a snowflake.

Sarah and Jayson, Sing me to Sleep at The Booth Centre

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