Sunday, 15 March 2015

Happy Mothers Day

Shakespeare Cut-up poem printed onto Concertina Book, Anon, March 2015

The Homeless Library, The Wellspring, March 2015

One of the themes that comes up time and time again in conversations with the men and women at the Wellspring Stockport is the life-long effects of Dysfunctional families and loss on their lives. I have spoken to people who lost parents as children, (one who held their dying dad in his arms) the devastation child abuse can reap for a lifetime, parents with substance abuse, many who have been in the care system the list goes on and unfortunately the pain goes on to. The woman who wrote her thoughts in one of our new handmade books summed up the battle with her past and hopes for the future: 'held down by responsibility. Dysfunctional families. Unencumbered (thats the right direction)' 

Have a Happy Mothers Day, if you can give your mum a hug.

Detail of Concertina Book, The Wellspring, Stockport, March 2015

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