Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Between the Tides

We've been working with a group of carers at Warrington Museum, trying out ideas for re-labelling museum objects, using emotional connections with the artefacts rather than historical ones. Yesterday I simply asked participants what items in the museum connected to them or their lives.

'One of the paintings in there, stands out a treat. All my family are fisherman, it stands out a treat. My mums got a copy in her house, she says it reminds her of the old days. My father is a fisherman, my grandfather was a fisherman with his own boat. Tenby in Wales. 

Leighton Williams beside 'Between the Tides' by Walter Langley

Made me happy seeing this, stopped me being stressed out coming here today. It's mental. I'm missing home as well. I had a bad day today, but this made me happy, it reminds me of Tenby, all fishing harbours there, and a pier just like in the painting. Its not the bad things, its the happy things, and theres a copy hanging on my mums wall. 

A man to look up to my father, a fisherman, a family man. I've been in the house when the weather is changing and been crapping it, really worried. He's a tough man my father, but never raised his hand to me, he always done it the right way. You got to be patient as a fisherman, thats why he was so good with the family. 

I have never felt like this over a painting before, its shocked me big time.'

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