Friday, 8 July 2011

Stephenson Card Group

Yesterday as part of our project in Four Acre, St Helens, we ran a workshop with the Stephenson Card Group of 8 participants with learning difficulties and their carers. We were made very welcome by the wonderfully friendly and productive group, led by Julie White.  

Chris drawing

Working on the paper plates, we discussed with the group the nature of joy and happiness, and what it meant to each of them. Each participant drew with enthusiasm and energy, expressing themselves as individuals through their artwork.

 Chris's Baddies!
Julie commented, "It has been a good opportunity for the service users to express themselves. Its opened up conversations, like what makes people happy. Its a great opportunity to chat others and interaction with new people, other societies and groups. I think it went really well."

Chris's artwork, Gerald drawing
Anita added "People enjoyed the group, some service users joined in that wouldn't normally focus so long. Its been really stimulating for them." 

flower plate, with everyone's drawings

Chris's plate

Jillian looking at her photos

Laurence's plate

Lynne's plates

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