Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The Bloom Awards

I am pleased to announce that the current arthur+martha project in Four Acre, St Helens has been short-listed for the national Bloom Awards. The Bloom Awards are for excellence and innovation in improving the quality of life, dignity and well-being of older people receiving care and support. We would really value your support. To register and to cast your vote on the various projects in the awards please follow this link and look for St Helen’s Council- Arts Service: Art of the Unexpected. Voting closes 24th June (5pm)

caring, embroidered bunting in progress

Poems about succumbing to temptation iced onto cakes, childhood memories painted onto plates, or make do and mend stitched onto tablecloths, bunting describing manners, reminiscence celebrating rule-breaking drawn onto cake stands, fading memories written on doilies, 'sugar' graffiti that evokes the tastes and smells of long gone childhoods…. poems and artwork commemorating those we care about and times of real poverty.

We have been inviting older people in the community to make a mix of poetry and art, celebrating their lives and visions.  We’re trying to reach those who might not normally join in with art activities, by taking our workshops to the local Bingo night, housebound peoples homes, the doctors surgery, Tesco’s, a day centre for people diagnosed with dementia a local library…
We’re inviting the participants to stretch a little beyond their usual habits and social circle, meet some new people, try out some unusual creative avenues. It allows participants to share their view of the world in a vibrant dialogue with their community.
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