Friday, 2 July 2010

Lost Properties at Manchester Market

We worked with over 70 participants over the two days, with countless other people stopping and looking at the artworks and reading the labels.

Some people dealt with the issues of care and caring with humour, many where almost painfully honest about the issues, some angry, some in pain- perhaps it was that people where given the opportunity to write a message anonymously- it allowed people to give permission to themselves to express from the heart.

Many of the participants wrote comments in our book including:

Amanda: beautiful, so unusual and touching
Annie: wonderful project, really original, thanks
John: its very interesting, draws you in
Debbie: this sort of project is really needed
Barbara: it's very good, given me something to think about
Jen: lovely pictures and idea- a chance to think about what matters
Mark: wonderful idea, made me remember never forget your loved ones.

We've posted the photos from the 2 day event on our portfolio site, you can view them by visiting

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