Wednesday, 14 January 2009

B is for…

Continuing our collection of reminiscences from ‘Patience’

B is for..

Bicarbonate of soda
for an ulcer, make it into a paste. Very good for indigestion

Boracic ointment
Used it for cleansing, put it on sores and boracic powder, the main staple in our house, for your eyes

Bread poultice
A drawing ointment for boils, spots, drawing for splinters. Soaked it in milk, very hot milk. You held in on with a piece of cloth. Or soak it in water for a sore throat, your mother put the bread in a bandage around your neck, or was it a sock?

Brimstone and sulphur
Regular every Saturday for your bowls, really got you going, mixed with golden syrup on a saucer, every week

Brimstone and treacle like a hot toddy, good for you, shift anything.

illustration © Lois Blackburn 2009

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