Tuesday, 24 June 2008

a walk 18th February 2008

A gathering walk

This is an open invitation: to explore the New Mills area, gathering impressions with photography, text and sound recordings for an installation in St James Church.

Artists Lois Blackburn and Philip Davenport (in collaboration with High Peak Community Arts) will lead a series of winter walks and follow-up workshops, creating a poem/image installation with the material. The words, photographs and sounds will trace the imprints of both a winter walk and the people who went on it.

If you come on one of our 'gatherings' you also have an open invite to add to this blog. What were your thoughts and feelings, your impressions (or depressions) as you came with us? Would you like to send a photograph to add to the blog? The more material, the richer the mix. All and everything is welcome. And that means you.

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