Sunday, 30 March 2008

Buxton Art Gallery and Museum

Saturday saw the preview of the new exhibition at Buxton Art Gallery and Museum. It was a very successful event with 40 plus visitors enjoying the art, sound works and a glass (or two) to drink. We caught up with some old friends and met lots of new people. I was very pleased to see David from Marlhill Court, and to share the sound recording of his poem with the exhibition audience.

The feedback for the exhibition was very positive, with artworks provoking a wide range of emotions in the viewers… such as the ’amputee’ poem, which many people were particularly moved by, and the powerful strength of Pauleen Eaton’s ‘self portrait’. Other artworks produced smiles and laughter, such as Harry Wantlings and Hilda Hewitts sound piece. Each and every artwork and poem in the exhibition held the audiences attention…. We look forward to further feedback.

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